Assuming we're just talking generally here, or a composition designed for taking on anything, both pvp and pve. Are there any units that you think were overrated? The class of the buffs. Random Named Swashbuckler (Eagle Hoplite) Reward from Hungry Hungry Gladiators, Arena Training, Its A Trap!, Kitty! He is a semi-reskin of Dead Mike, and is somehow worse than the already awful Dead Mike. Nausica becomes very handy with Privateers critical buffs and a power Im sure we all hate. This is certainly a powerful ability, especially on an expendable unit like a companion. Peter hits hard and fast, making him number two on the list. Like most MMORPG games, Pirate101 offers Booster Packs which can include items not found anywhere else in the Skyway. As such, hes best on a buccaneer (he becomes quite mediocre there though) and bad to useless everywhere else. Find out in this game! The Talents and Abilities it gets. Like the other class bears in this pack, the viability of the unit is solely dependent on his special passive ability and his summon. Giving is just a worse version of Handsome Dan. To get an article, image or subcategory to show up here, append [[Category:Companions that are Musketeers]] to the bottom of the article, image or subcategory page. As a swashbuckler, I have a huge soft spot for the big guy. I think he does a lot of things kind of well, and is capable of doing lots of damage with generically good and powerful epics and abilities, but hes excellent at almost nothing. Afraid. Part of what makes Chantal so powerful is all of the abilities she has. He sailed with a number of infamous Pirates, including Catbeard, Erica the Red, and Captain Avery before settling down on Skull Island. Some of these packs and their companions are better than others, but I'll include all of the units here for completion's sake. This is, from top to bottom, the best pack for companions by a lot. For example, say your Pirate is at level 70. It floors me that anyone would consider going after these units, when not a single one of them is even good for PvE. Haywire Strike, although potentially powerful, is the worst of the Armada Companion attacks (he has 3 of them). Quest The Resistance Lives On! However, being a strict downgrade of an easily obtainable unit hurts him a lot. But anyways, back to the main topic! 2013-2018 A Pirates Portal; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. Furthermore, he is more durable than the Battle Angel, which is very valuable in this exact matchup. Until then, see you all next time! // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips You can also waste your epic slots on Merciless if you want??? Khord is atrocious. Assuming we're just talking generally here, or a composition designed for taking on anything, both pvp and pve. Probably because of when he appears in the Skull Island story line. Pirate101 April Fool's Day Tournaments 2022, Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Musketeer, Witchdoctor =, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, Musketeer, Witchdoctor =. Category:Musketeer-Only Companions - Pirate101 Wiki Welcome to the Pirate101 Wiki The largest and most comprehensive Pirate101 Wiki for all of your Pirate101 needs! Dude I thought there was a cat swashbuckler in cool ranch.I remember hesitating to pay my crowns for her.she was a white cat with yellow on her.And no,Not shiruki neko. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Not sure. Grit 3, like Vengeance 3, gives a chance to stun the opposing unit, which can shut off overwatch chains (if you place Nausica before your other units) or make it difficult to kill this centaur with musketeer chains. As the legends of Aquila say, theres no noble gladiator without a centaur to fight by their side. Bison Scout Reward from Black Storm Rising. The first one allows her to have better chances to deal more chains with double tap 1. Shes used across the board as an anti-musket unit, due to her high movement range + true grit. You get one of these shots once you recruit Nausica and one more after each of her two promotions. Copyright 2012-2021 All Rights Reserved Duplication of any material, articles or graphics on this site, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. He has no Turn the Tide, a staple on buck units. Normally, we shoot for 7-8 wins per raid. Some of these special companions are offered one time and if you dont pick one up, you may never have a chance to acquire them again. Companion:Chantal Livingstone (Flamingo Fusileer), Companion:Chantal Livingstone (Flamingo Marksbird), Companion:Chantal Livingstone (Flamingo Sharpshooter), Companion:Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier), Companion:Hidenari Kuga (Samoorai Archer), Companion:Louis LeBisque (Crab Cannoneer), Companion:Louis LeBisque (Crab Harpooner), Companion:Private Mills (Grenadier Lieutenant), Companion:Private Mills (Grenadier Sergeant), Companion:Ridolfo Capoferro (Unicorn Duellist), Companion:Ridolfo Capoferro (Unicorn Fencer), Companion:Ridolfo Capoferro (Unicorn Swashbuckler), Companion:Romba (Crazed Water Mole Hunter), Companion:Romba (Crazed Water Mole Spearman), $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); The new Ducky Logos are a result of that, I plan to have lots more for you guys soon! The Musketeer would be an equivalent to The Pyromancers, or fire wizards, from Wizard101, mainly because they both do damage at long distance or damage over time. Unless you're undertaking some sort of self-imposed challenge, you'll likely go into battle with a handful of loyal crewmates by your side. His grades are on aggregate worse because First Strike 3 is valuable by itself, and he has worse damage. Musket has Wing Chun and never uses him, so they definitely shouldnt invest in a strict downgrade. She's also prepped with Overwatch 1 and is often trained with 3 to reduce accuracy. He has no powers, his bloodsucker ability is kind of irrelevant since hes just such a non-threat offensively, and his summon is nothing special. They also would have some Myth in the for all the traps and obstacles they set for the enemy. This pack is horrendous for companions (overall grade: F). Musketeers in particular struggle to fight a booned Nausica. He receives this poor a grade not because he is objectively awful, hes not. Its also worth noting his Big Guns ability becomes much more powerful in an environment with no rules, as you can combo his Scratch buffed bombs with explosive barrels from a musketeer pirate and Gracie Conrads mine to devastating effect. The choice you make determines which Presidio companion you will get. Her three guaranteed criticals and seven movement range make her a legitimate staple on swashbuckler, as she pairs very nicely with Black Fog (I use her in my main team against 3 or 4 out of the 5 classes). Bison Shaman Reward from Black Storm Rising, Chicken Ranger Reward from Bust Em Out, Tyson (Chicken Pugilist) Reward from Pugilist Integrity, Duck Holliday(Duck Lawman) Reward from Payback, Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier) Reward from The Ringleader, Hidenari Kuga (Samoorai Archer) Reward from Steal From The Rich, Masamune Goto (Samoorai Bushi) Reward from Off Duty, Private Mills (Grendadier Sergeant) Reward from Fearful Symmetry, Random Named Swashbuckler (Eagle Archer) Reward from Hello, Walls, Egg Shen (Goose Student) starter companion, Nanu Nanu (Water Mole Spearman) reward from A Fishy Business, Ensign Emmett (Otter Ensign) reward from Bad Company, Monquisitor Reward from The Fruit of Creation. he's not all that good for offense since he is unable to get Burst Fire. The Imperial galleon is pretty handy too. These powers allow her to move AND shoot simultaneously. Search Updated Topics Hottest Topics Rules. The true grit burst fire chain war could cause the battle to become a bloodbath as youre dealing normal damage to Nausica (or less than normal, if she is forted) while she responds with x2 Grit Burst chain damage. In addition, the above team combination has very high movement range on all 3 units, making it hard to outrun. ces as well as skills, you wouldn't survive in this crazy world ofPirates! Just like your First Mate is different, so are most of your crew members. You can also buy companions from the crown shop, or in bundle packs. ), Novus Level 160+ Gear Guide: Drops & Crafting | Wizard101, Novus Eloise Quest Guide: Toadflaxes | Wizard101, Krokotopia Zeke Quest Guide: Beetles | Wizard101, Marleybone Zeke Quest Guide: Stray Cats | Wizard101. 2.36K subscribers Pirate101 - Ultimate Haywire Musketeer Companion Guide (Spring 2022) #TheFearsomeRubberDucky #Pirate101 #RevivePirate101 #Shorts You can obtain this companion from the. Ive given him a slighter nicer grade for Privateers since they have Battle Zeal, and if they get lucky with it, Cornelius can get a good frenzy chain going. Cannons are exploding, guns are going off, there's a ringing sound of swords clashing, you sigh a relief and look at your goat monk companion who is backing you up in this surprise trap. Chilam does get buffed by the Undead Banner, but banners arent good, particularly the Undeads Banner devastating punishment when it gets removed. Swashbucklers have one of the strongest offensive powers in game: Black Fog. I give him a generous grade on Privateer for similar reasons. Professor Falmea's Fire Sale! If crowns companions are included: Swashbuckler: Fan Flanders, El Toro, Nausica. This page was last modified on 23 December 2013, at 22:47. Privy gets a slightly better grade since it can protect Yohr for a bit longer and allow his summon to spawn in and do its (incredibly annoying) thing. You can learn more about any of the Companions talents and powers on Pirate Centrals Companion Listing. base movement. His goal is to help breathe life back into the Pirate PvP scene. Any musketeer side quest companions? You can also acquire special companions through Pirate101 promotions. She single-handedly stops muskets from dominating the PvP meta. However, his poor range (4), poor mobility (4 movement), and lack of guaranteed critical attacks (only has a Big Guns) makes him useless against non-musketeer units and somewhat replaceable against muskets. Pack Companions Could you please do something like this for Christmas Companions. Relatively little is known about the powerful Lady Centaur Nausica. Holkun is one of them, which is the nicest thing I can say about him. Check out our Epic Promotion guides for Pirate101 Companions too. Companions are the main fighting resource in Pirate101. The Musketeer damages their enemies at long range and keep them at a distance with traps and obstacles, denying foes any chance for hand-to-hand combat. I'm not sure though, because I'm a Swashbuckler, so . Cool Ranch 2: Tumbleweed / Haunted Skyway. Without him and his wise advi. However, registration is not a condition of copyright protection. The spirit of receiving is in the same mold as a lot of other buccaneer companions. Its not very good, objectively speaking. This time, hes a worse Kobe Yojimbo, missing Kobes Swashbuckler Strike (guaranteed mega + strength and armor debuff for 3 turns). He only has an epic strike. They all have a movement range of 7 and are epic, mega, and super critical strikes, respectively. As such, I wont feature it. Furthermore, buccaneer units with his epic suite and Battle Zeal are absolutely terrifying to deal with. Yohr and Ghor are slightly less bad, but lacking powers and having a limited number of epics still makes them non-viable (B+ before you get Baar, C- afterwards). If you want the best stat setup, see the picture above that has the stat setup I gave her. Being tankier is a slight upside, but his epic suite is worse than most Vengeance Strike 3 buck units and he only has Turn the Tide 1, making him much easier to ignore when hes below half health. Your email address will not be published. So, until witchdoctor companions receive some sort of permanent increase to their accuracy stat, Cornelius will be a non-viable unit. Buccaneer: Peter Quint, Baar, Temujin 1 Centaurs Charge is one of the most unique companion powers weve seen so far. Although a fifth bundle, the Boochbeard Bundle, once existed, it and its companion are no longer obtainable. Why Wizard101's Empyrea Will Be the Last World in Top Five Must-Have Wizard101 Mirage Drops. The son of a stonemason, Gortez was born into relative obscurity. Pirate101 - Ultimate Haywire Musketeer Companion Guide (Spring 2022) #TheFearsomeRubberDucky #Pirate101 #RevivePirate101 #ShortsYou can obtain this companion from the ashes of the armada pack. Pirate101 Companion Guide Mar Scarlet Hawkins & Temujin Pirate Crews Each Pirate class has its own set of companions that can become part of your crew. Musketeers in particular struggle to fight a booned Nausica. Players assume the role of heroic pirates that set out in search of the treasures of the Spiral, the same fictional universe used in its sister game Wizard101. It should be obvious why there are many far, far better buccaneer units out there. Musketeer (Name is Random) Chicken Ranger Corporal Sanders (Chicken Soldier) Class: Musketeer Side Quest: "Bust Them Out!" Class: Musketeer Location Acquired: Fort McMurty Side Quest: "The Ringleader" Buccaneer (Name is Random) Water Mole Slingman Lost Ranger (Skeletal Cowboy) Class: Musketeer Side Quest: "The Soggy Crusade" So probably a C or C- on swash and a D- or F on the other classes. Additionaly, hes great at 1 on 1 combat, despite lacking a Super Strike, because of his trained epics (Vengeance 3, Blade 2, Relent 2) and Tide 3 making him a monster below half health. However, Dan only gets a Rouse, a heal with a nasty tendency to low roll. Captain Garrett is in Mooshu; but he hasnt acquired that quest yet. Love can help you overcome many obstacles, even if the fate of an entire kingdom is at stake! This gorilla's power makes him number four on the list. Bonnie is a loyal and kind companion, overseeing even the pirate's actions in their journey across the Spiral. Ridolfo Capoferro (Unicorn Duelist) Reward from The Resistance Lives On! The true grit burst fire chain war could cause the battle to become a bloodbath as youre dealing normal damage to Nausica (or less than normal, if she is forted) while she responds with x2 Grit Burst chain damage. So while the area is still part of the Skull Island world, you cant get there until youve completed your quests in Cool Ranch. , A Pirate's Portal Is A Smartphone / Tablet Friendly Blog. Froggo Villa (Salamander Backstabber) Reward from There Goes the Bride, Chicken Miner Reward from Miner Difficulties, Stormy Sky (Black Storm Raider) Reward from A Warriors Honor, Buffalo Bill (Bison Lawman) Reward from Payback, Mustang Sally (Mustang Fencer) Reward from Bloods Own Hand, Random Named Yakooza Reward from Yak Where We Belong, Lt. Springer (Dog Captain) Reward from Fearful Symmetry.