ALLY BUKHARIN AND ZINOVIEV OR LET THEM DIE- I DON'T CARE. Amtracs are pretty essential as the Axis for killing the USSR, and for the Allies they're needed for naval invasions (see template 4.2) But primarily defensive nations like the USSR can stick with standard mechanized (and frankly anyone can, you just have to force attack rivers). I will not list every single one, but the ones I feel you should go for first. Well i tried this tactic of lvl 4 forts all the way to romania border, from there lvl 5 forts towards the coast had 220+ divisions manning the forts and the germans cut through them like butter anyway. ! starts? Soviet interests on conquering the region began to increase approaching World War II, and its fate would be decided by . The war for independence lasted 14 months and ended with the failure of Red Army troops to conquer the Baltic states and the forced withdrawal of Freikorps from Estonia. But there is one challenge every Soviet Player must go through - a Purge. Support Companies: Same as all the other tanks. Specify when and how many. Dec 30, 2021 @ 4:27pm "In this video I will show you the most broken guide to playing the Soviet Union in the Hearts of Iron IV No Step Back DLC. Does not have AA and is too expensive. The Stalin Constitution6. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. In addition, this is one of the key reasons I recommend going down the Positive Heroism root, as you get access to the tank genius Konstantin Rokossovsky, which allows you to make better use of your tanks; by accepting the German-Soviet Research Treaty, you get access to research bonuses on medium tanks, which you must research as soon as possible! Soviet Union Guide - Defense in Depth Goal of the Guide Show that late game Germany can be dealt with Repeatable strategy that can be used by anyone in single player Win war and peace, get at least 90% of the spoils Display novel defense in depth with lines of retreat based on perpendicular fallback lines, debate utility for multiplayer But in general, heavy tanks will do better at defending chokepoints and winning tank-on-tank battles. In theory, they will automatically retreat to more defensible terrain as they are pushed back. Medium SPG is not recommended, since it barely has more attack/width than a normal medium tank, but lspg is cheap enough to have some merit - especially if you start out with a lot. Start a game as the Soviet Union. You can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. How To Tune Stabilizers: A Comprehensive Guide! I AM YOUR GOD!!!!!!!! Centralization and Discipline15. Overall, if you follow this procedure for your national focuses and political power spending, you cannot go wrong; you build up a formidable industry and have a modern army by the time the Axis invade you. Less micro than 1 division per tile and helps prevent encirclement. Template issues for sure. It is rich in both natural and human resources and has decent technology. The independence of Estonia lasted for about 20 years. Alternatively, just add 1 Medium Armor company (50 tanks) to each of the 168 divisions by 1941, and wipe out the Reich right away, or after a couple of months when the German onslaught wears out against your defenses. The Hearts of Iron IV team has kicked things into high gear with a new diary - the first that will look at all of the changes coming to the Soviet Union as part of No Step Back and the free. Eisenhower's speech was delivered three years after the first Soviet nuclear test in 1949 and only a few months after the first successful Soviet H-bomb test in August 1953. IT'S DONE. I was not able to polish Rokossovsky so well in Spain, and the industrial building was not as successful as yours. You should prioritize Industry, Electronics and Land/Air Doctrines first, producible Equipment should be second and flat bonuses and improvements third. Then Armament Effort when China starts, Railway Network when youve built all 60% slots on dispersed 2, No focus until Great Purge, Purge in May 1938, Top row War eco, civ construction, free trade, stability in order, Middle row Heavy tank design, industry design, generic military theorist, infantry design in order, Bottom row Army training time, tanks, concealment, recovery rate in order, Use infrastructure, mil->civ conversion, and research juggling to build large industry, 200+ owned civs in 1939 (after Finland and Baltics), prioritize high infra states behind Stalin Line, 230+ mils by Jun 1941, prioritize 40-50% infra states behind Stalin Line, Exceed German factory output by summer 1942, Liberal use of research juggling, electronics, industry, construction 2x, Heavy tank 3 in 1940, Moderns by 1943 with heavy tank designer, HSPG and ModSPG by 1943 with medium tank designer, Land doctrine complete by 1942 (SF right-left), 2 panzer experts, as many terrain traits and amubushers as possible. As for your ratio, 13/7 and up is all you should make since "unpiercable" units are impossible. I am thinking to swap 2 artillery for 1 anti tank and 1 artillery. When reach the year 42-43 and the Axis have pushed you to the Stalinline or even further and you are still stalling them, trying to avoid encirclements and didnt lose too much and stabilized, you can wait for the time to strike back. WORSHIP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Now onto the ones that actually pay off like. It is only visible to you. You should start researching Fighter IIs in 1939 and CAS I and II in late 1939 (get the license for all three of them. I ended up putting my entire army on aggressive and sitting back to get some fresh air. This is how your main Marshal should at least look like: Here is an example of how a completed mulitlayered defense could look like: When the Axis declares war on you, ask the USA to lend lease you a, Deep Battle lets you fit MANY troops and move them around in the same province while giving decent buffs to reinforcement rate and tanks. Didn't consider it, didn't know air is now this important. Variants: You can reduce the ratio to 12/8 if it gets you armor but that's unlikely to happen. Can upgrade reliability and armor if you have extra XP. ago. Japan cant go to war with you, Sweden is usually banned, and raiding convoys in certain vital areas is not allowed on some servers. GE sounds great, show us the Kaiserine, and the HRE) Japan was always a bit too much micromanagement for me though, as with all island nations/ US, with all these naval invasions. Once you get past the Great Purge, the Axis should be no bother at all particularly with my military tactic. Word 2010 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Word, Illustrators Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide, Kick 2 Tutorial By Sonic Academy - Comprehensive Guide, Master Class: Comprehensive Guide to Working with Audio in CRYENGINE, 57- Canalisation des guides - Les violents vnements qui arrivent sur terre expliqus, A Comprehensive-ish Guide to All Things Fumos! Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. The Soviet-German Research Pact, Great Purge, and Molotov-Ribberntrop Pact must be followed, as you obtain a higher national unity, research bonuses on medium tanks, and take Eastern Poland after the Germans invade Poland in 1939. Cheers!00:00 - Intro00:28 - Starting Set Up05:45 - Airforce Set Up07:22 - Focus Tree Order08:11 - Front Line Set Up12:00 - Delete The NKVD12:40 - Line Up War Goals13:45 - Collab Govs/ Intel Agency Set Up15:45 - Officer Corps Set Up16:40 - Spanish Civil War19:22 - Stability PP Buy20:19 - Events and Decisions20:39 - Intel Agency Finished22:15 - Setting Up Collaboration Governments24:29 - Field Marshal Upgrade27:10 - Tank Design29:39 - Tank Genius PP Buy31:25 - Division Templates32:58 - OutroOP Focus Tree Order:1. The peaceful route has been removed, so you must fight a revolutionary war to win. First thing I do when I start the game is retraining all horseman and backup infantry for normal infantry. For heavy tanks this is quite easy. Ah, the Soviet Onion. In fact, I used only 3 at the end of the game. Still, I like the perpendicular fallback lines. Then you tripled down on this and built forts and state AA, a complete waste of construction time. 2021-08-25 16: Soviet Union Exiles: New focus branches for the return of the Whites or the Tsar: 2021-08-18 15: . Valve Corporation. With the potential for massive industrial expansion, and perpetual manpower, the following tips should help you to make the Soviet Union an unstoppable force. If you do not bother to check out my post, can you at least upload your gameplay record to YouTube ( or other platforms ) please ? Use 4-1 or 8-2 cav-LT templates to grind panzer leader (if 10/24 or more divs are tanks, youll grind panzer regardless of what div type does the attacking), Purposefully avoid grinding infantry and panzer (5-9 tank divs) so other traits grind faster, Have 250+ army XP to boost heavy 3s upon research, 100+ army XP to boost HSPAA3 upon research, Run war bonds twice while fighting Finland, start immediately upon declaration, Radek (-75 PP), Tukhachevsky, Navy and Air Force, Infrastructure 20w pure inf support AA, Stalin Bois 20w pure inf support engineers, AA, arty, Swamp 14-3-3 inf-art-AA, support engineers, AA, arty, maintenance, signal, Tanks mot/mech 12-7-2 and 11-8-2 HT-mot/mech-HSPAA, 11-7-1-2-Mod-mech-ModTD-ModSPAA. Tank Upgrades: Again, if you want to force the enemy to make worse templates in exchange for piercing (especially useful against a medium tank Germany) armor upgrades aren't out of the question. Hearts Of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Review: Planes and More! The Path of Marxism/ Leninism2. The following recommendations are based on my military tactics, which you can find a little bit further in the guide. Hoi4 Soviet Union Guide 2020! I decided to test that theory by playing Soviets and imposing a rule of defense only until 1943. Uses: As mentioned above, use this like a normal medium, when you need more piercing against enemy heavies. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. You need at least 20% armored divisions to avoid grinding infantry leader and under 40% to avoid panzer leader. Otherwise the games bug out and doesn't let you build the civs until the conversion are finished. As no-air Russia, you'll also need some SPAA in the division, 2 will do to defeat most planes. Menu. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. 3 years ago 0 59:36. Here is an example of my day one setup: After you get Concentrated Industry I it should look like this: And after Concentrated Industry II like this: In some games its ok to lend-lease Ethiopia but almost nobody does it nowadays. The rest are pure inf too with 10 and 15w and aa/at. Well I followed your guide exactly and the achievement didn't fire until I released the Altai thing and gave back the Polish and Romanian territory, Titan, you don't need to release Altai Republic since you don't have border with Sinkiang when you release Kazakh SSR, also if you take Bessarabia before releasing Ukrainian SSR, Bessarabia will go to the Ukrainian SSR, so no problem, Pretty good guide, though you also need to release the Altai Republic since you still share a border with Sinkiang and you also need to return Bessarabia to Romania (or alternatively don't do that focus) and also return the Polish territory you still have back to Poland. And unlike 14/4 marines, once these land they can actually fight. Valve Corporation. Supports: Limit support companies on this one. In this guide, I will show you how to form Soviet Russia in Kaiserreich. Variants: The ratio here can be toyed with quite a bit. Build civs until 1939 then build mils. It will go into great detail and teach you many things about the game, the USSR in specific. I hope that you are all having a great summer, and that you are prepared for a little reading, because today we'll be talking about the last country left to show for the upcoming expansion, a country that, in the direst of times, did take No Step Back. Press J to jump to the feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. You dont need the Navy advisors and the Air advisors arent as good as the Division recovery rate. Always check the Allies for licenses like for CAS or AA-guns! How to Unlock Papal States in Hearts Of Iron IV. So first. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. "In this video I will show you the most broken guide to playing the Soviet Union in the Hearts of Iron IV No Step Back DLC. Also you can use cas to bomb supplies and this will cripple the germans. LightningDustt 1 yr. ago. But, to ensure the survival of France and her legacy you must help keep France in Hearts of Iron IV strong and . I can't even contain Germany anymore, not even with forts. For the Axis and anyone who will fight in Africa, reliability is useful. And secondly, what division templates are you using? HTD may be necessary if your heavy tank enemy knows what they're doing. But, not the picture of course. Its pretty straightforward, but guarantees you an easier victory and minimal casualties, saving your manpower. Yeah, that would be good. Great guide, I like it a lot. ScumpyDawg 18.9K subscribers 172K views 2 years ago Hello and welcome back to another Hoi4! So, here is a list of priorities for your research: This is where my military tactics come in. HOI4 Soviet Union Guide time. You need to send in the tanks whenever you see red bubbles. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. So 5-9 out of 24 is the guideline for a full army, 2/7 is the guideline for German troops sent to Spain. Changing the templates a little bit. Most Axis troops in 1941 will have a Piercing stat of around 5-10, and this means your infantrys armor will be absolutely inpenetrable for the Germans. The Collectivization Process12. A Comprehensive Guide to Neuro Bass Here is some music for the destruction of the Axis. Today in Hearts of Iron IV La Resistance we're showing off my latest MP guide made for La Resistance/Man the Guns specifically designed for competitive. TENERIFE - AVOID THIS SHORTCUT AT NIGHT - ACTUAL 230am FOOTAGE AT END! I'm waiting till I get enough arty in stockpile to upgrade them to grenadier people. It is only visible to you. I really want to play this game well yet I cannot find a way. Is there any nations you would like me to do? The tanks don't fight. Spain was capped at 5 last patch because of the amount of territory. Honestly, they should just force AI Soviet to go war economy and not rush service by requirement. Amtracs are very useful for the Axis for river crossings, especially since your tanks won't necessarily be able to survive after force attacking across a river in the way that heavies would. In terms of the order you should do your national focus tree, here is what I have found works best for me. My 4 tanks cant do crap against infantry nor other tanks even attrition. The Soviet Union (officially "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" or "USSR") is a major country and the leader of the Comintern faction. With tanks, start the BT-7 (Light tank II) before you accept the German tank treaty. In this guide, I will tell you how easy it is to make the achievement "Soviet Onion" without making puppets of, for example, Turkey, Poland,Xinjiang, killing whole freaking Allies or Axis, 7) JUST WIN SECOND RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR LIKE A CHAD (GO TO PRECIOUS CAUCASIAN OIL IN BAKU THROUGH CRIMEA), 10) CONGRATULATIONS! On May 6, 2021, it was announced that Apple TV+ would produce Amit Bhalla's and Lucas Jansen's TV series Hello Tomorrow!, with Bhalla and Jansen co-writing and producing with Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein's Mortal Media, Billy Crudup, and Jonathan Entwistle, with Entwistle set to direct the 10-episode . chisme en vivo estrella tv cast, va disability for sciatica radiculopathy,